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Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate

After publishing her international bestseller, THE SOULMATE SECRET, Arielle heard from readers who wanted to know not only how to manifest a soulmate, but also how to transform relationships. She discusses how to do this from her book, “Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate.”

From Annoyed to Enjoyed

Arielle explains her exercise for learning to embrace your partner's behaviors "that really drive you crazy."

Perfection? Pure Fiction

Society has conditioned us to expect perfection from ourselves and others. Arielle explains how this leads us into "a perpetual state of frustration and dissatisfaction."

Transforming Conflict into Connection

Arielle reveals how to lovingly diffuse fights and grow closer to your partner in the process.

Humor, Humility and Generosity

Arielle tells how cultivating these traits helps couples break out of old habits of judgment, criticism and resentment, and deepen their love.

Into Me See: Finding Intimacy

Arielle outlines playful exercises couples can use to restore intimacy to their relationships.

Reconciling Incompatibility

Psychologist and researcher John Gottman Ph.D. has found that every happily married couple has about 10 "irreconcilable differences" on topics such as finances, children, sex, in-laws, housework and politics. Arielle explains how couples can come to terms with differences rather than trying to change them.

It's Never Too Late for Love

Arielle explains how to rejuvenate even long-term relationships shattered by betrayal or numbed by years of neglect.
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